My mother and I have shared the dream of owning a Bed and Breakfast for several years. Growing up it was always my mom, my grandma Jeanette, and I. We did everything together, like shopping, cooking, getting coffee, watching movies, and most importantly, traveling. My mom and I have always prided ourselves on our Gilmore Girls type relationship. After my grandma passed away and the global shift of 2020 we realized that tomorrow is never granted.

    We started looking at properties for sale. After a lot of talks, 48 hours spent in Clermont, and lots of sleepless nights, we made the decision to take the biggest leap of our lives to leave Arizona and move to Georgia. We opened Valentine’s Day weekend of 2022 and we are very happy to be here. 

   It has been a wild ride getting used to the new climate, area, and business, but it has been a great journey. We look forward to many more years of happiness in the AVA House. In honor of my grandma and her family, we have dedicated and named each of the rooms after them; Jeanette (my grandma, Caroline, Adeline, Audrey (her sister in law), and Helen (her mother). We want this home to be a safe space for any traveler to come enjoy a home cooked breakfast, cozy bed, and warm smile. 

– Alexa